Six Pack Abs Diet and Workout - 4 'Secrets' For Super Effective Fat Loss

By Ray Harris
Searching for a six pack abs diet and workout program to help you finally lose that flabby looking belly?

If you're sick of looking like the 1st runner up in the Mr. Santa Claus competition or tired of having people ask when your baby is due (5 years after your child was born), give me a few short minutes and I'll give you 4 simple tricks to make your abs diet plan and fat burning workout far more effective for losing ugly abdominal fat.

But before we go any further, do yourself a favor - DON'T make the mistake of thinking your solution is to go on the latest celebrity diet or in buying some gimmicky abs machine sold on late night TV. All you need to do is continue reading this article and apply what I'm revealing here.

Now that we're clear on that, let's get started.

Six Pack Abs Diet

There are 2 keys to six pack abs diet success if you want to lose belly fat:

Put the focus on your nutrition. Nutrition -- not your workouts, is the key to losing that ugly belly fat and getting rid of those unwanted pounds hanging on your body. And that's why you want to get your nutrients from good sources of protein, carbs, fiber and fats, while avoiding highly processed foods, so called "fat free" foods and "bad" fats.

Pay attention to the amount of calories you take in daily. Don't let anyone fool you -- calories are what really counts with an abs diet plan to lose abdominal fat. Even though you really should eat the way I pointed out in # 1 above (you will get better fat loss results faster), what you eat or how often you eat DOES NOT matter. The better you manage your calories, the better your results will be from a six pack abs diet plan.

But if you want to get lean enough to have visible 6 pack abs, do this:

Get your percentage of body fat down to 10% or less for guys and 14% or less for the ladies. That's why you need to combine your six pack abs diet and workout to burn enough fat so you can get down to those levels.

A Fat Burning Workout to Compliment Your Six Pack Abs Diet

A good fat burning workout will put the finishing touch on your six pack abs diet plan and give you that lean sexy body you're after.

Here's what you need to know:

Short, high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) routines make for excellent fat burning workouts. Studies have shown that you can burn more fat by increasing the level of exercise intensity at different intervals than you could by doing steady state routines.

Resistance training using dumbbell or kettlebells are great for fat loss and developing lean sexy muscle. Or if you prefer, you can kick the weights to the curb, and do bodyweight exercise circuits instead.
But to get the most out of these fat burning workout routines, here's what you need to do: (a) do exercises that work the whole body and not those that isolate specific muscle groups; (b) begin your H.I.I.T. routine at a high level of intensity; and (c) move through each exercise without resting until you complete the set - then rest for 1 or 2 minutes before starting the next set.

Remember, the keys to your six pack abs diet and workout success are: (1) focus on your nutrition, (2) limit your daily calorie intake, (3) mix high intensity interval training, and (4) free weight routines or bodyweight exercises to maximize the reduction of your body fat percentages so that your sexy 6 pack abs are tight & visible. 

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