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Israeli Cuisines


Kosher Beef Porridge in a Bread Bowl

Hummus - Israeli style

Herb-Crusted Salmon Cutlets Kosher Recipe

Spinach and Feta Fish Bites

Fish Fusilli Kosher Recipe

Kosher Beef Sukiyaki with Noodles

Guacamole - Simply Kosher

Kefta Kabob Recipe

Make Challah Bread

Tabouleh Salad


Shavuot cheesecake

Blintzes - Sweet & Savory Recipe

Jewish Chicken Soup

Tilapia Ginger Stir Fry

Jerusalem artichoke soup with foie gras recipe

Mandarin Corn Beef - Great Rosh Hashanaha Recipe

Kosher Honey Chicken

Stuffed Peppers - Kosher Recipe

Warm Salmon Salad - Kosher Recipe

Roasted Sweet Vegetables in Spicy Cinnamon Cider - Kosher

Easy Kosher Roasted Turkey Recipe

Perfect Rib Steak and Steak Rub Recipe Tips

Multicolored Martini Mashed Potatoes - Simply Kosher

Spiced Gefilte Fish - Kosher Recipe

Cheese Quiche - Kosher Recipe

Avgolemono Soup - Kosher

Champagne Sweetened Lentils - Kosher Vegetarian Recipe

Kosher Walnut Crusted Chilean Sea Bass with Lemon Dill Sauce

Cran-Apple Crunch Kugel - Kosher Recipe

Mango Strawberry Soup Recipe - Quick & Kosher

Individual Apple Berry Cobblers

Berry Brulee Kosher Dessert Recipe

How To Make Challah
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